Welcome to Making and Baking. The home of crafty ideas to help you get creative in your home and kitchen. The activities I want to share with you will be suitable for children of all ages from 2 to 92!

I love to make and bake, I remember as a child spending time in the kitchen with my Mum and Nana baking cakes, making pastry and of course licking out the cake mixture in the bowls, and I must admit I still like to make sure the cake bowl is empty!

My Mum and Aunty were both accomplished knitters and I was shown from an early age how to knit although it usually resulted in long mismatched scarves or blankets. My Aunty Margaret also taught me how to crochet and I made my first blanket at the age of 8 following a spell in hospital. It is still on the go nearly 40 years later! Can it now be classed as an heirloom? I love it so much and would never part with it. It still comes out on days when I need to snuggle up on the sofa!


It may not be the prettiest blanket but it holds so many memories for me. The majority of the wool I used was left over from jumpers, cardigans or even skirts (yes I know!) that my Mum had made for me. As you can see from the colours most of my knitted items were very 70’s inspired!

These wonderful memories I have of Making and Baking as a child with my nearest and dearest were the inspiration for this blog. I have continued to sew, bake, knit, paint, crochet and generally make lots of mess with glue and glitter throughout my teens and adult life and this included passing on all my enthusiasm and creativity to my daughter.

I feel it is so important for us to take time out for ourselves in this busy world, and have some time away from a screen to make and create wonderful things from our imagination. I want to share with you all the things I have learned and things I am still learning so that you too can have as much fun in creating your own keepsakes and gifts.


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