“A” day for stamping!

I am using a stamping technique to make the letter A. I used to love doing this when I was a child and when my daughter was younger. These are the items I used.


A large potato, cookie cooker,sharp knife, chopping board, paper, pen, glue, paint, buttons, beads, kitchen paper and a cup of tea. Although the last item is optional!


Cut the potato in half and push the cookie cutter into the potato at least 1cm.


Cut around through the potato about 1 cm from the top, up to the cookie cutter. Pull away the slice of potato that you have just cut.


Pull out the cookie cutter and you will be left with your raised potato stamp!


Press the stamp into the kitchen towel to remove as much of the potato juice, then dip the stamp into your choice of paint

You may need to press the stamp onto the kitchen paper agin if you have overloaded the paint.


Stamp onto paper or card. If you want to do a particular shape then draw your design on a piece of paper using a coloured pen then place the paper your are stamping over the top so that you can see the pen through it


Using glue attach buttons or bead or both!


The finished letter A

This home made stamp can be used with most types of paint, even fabric paint. You could customise fabric, card or paper. I think I will use this method to make my own christmas wrapping paper.


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