A New Letter

I have used crazy patchwork quilting to make the letter N


You will need a sewing machine, thread, scissors or rotary cutter, cutting mat, ruler,  scraps of

fabric, and buttons


Cut your first piece of fabric into a random shape with straight sides

IMG_5562 IMG_5563

Join two pieces of fabric together and sew using a straight stitch, I used a 1cm seam allowance


Press seam open. Trim the fabric using scissors or rotary cutter to create a straight line



Gradually join different pieces of fabric together along the straight edges until you have the size piece you need.


As I was creating another letter I made sure mine was large enough to cut the shape out of. If you want to make a crazy patchwork quilt cut your fabric into the required block shape you are using.


Now you can do some crazy machine stitching. Choose a fancy stitch on your machine, even a zig zag pattern looks good. Sew down the seam line on the right side of the fabric.


I then placed the template letter on my fabric and pinned it down before cutting around the shape.

My crazy quilt letter shape!


I then placed mine on a plain piece of fabric and zig zag stitched all the way around.


Once the letter was attached I added some hand embroidery and buttons to finish off.


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