A Floral Arrangement


To make the felt flowers I used a selection of felt sheets, embroidery thread, sewing needle, pins, scissors, buttons and some flower templates.


I found a variety of free templates for flowers shapes on the internet, they were easy to find by  searching “flower template” You could also draw out your own shapes if you wish. Once they were cut out I pinned them onto my chosen pieces of felt and cut them out.


Place the shapes in your chosen order and using embroidery thread put a stitch through the middle or sew a button in the centre to hold the pieces in place.


On some shapes I embroidered running stitch or blanket stitch around the edges


The fun part is choosing the colours and deciding how to embellish each one with embroidery thread and buttonsIMG_5509IMG_5510


The flowers can be turned into brooches by attaching a safety pin or brooch pin to the back. The flowers can also be sewn onto hair bobbles to make a pretty hair adornment or even stuck onto a canvas board to make a pretty picture.


I arranged mine to make the letter A!


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