Cross stitch for a K

Life has been a little busy this week but I have finally finished the letter K

IMG_5644 IMG_5649

I placed the aida cross stitch fabric into an embroidery hoop and stretched the fabric so that it was tight. I used aida 14 count.


I used three strands of the embroidery thread as I wanted the colours to stand out more. I started by securing the end of the thread with a couple of tack stitches on the wrong side of the fabric.


The letter K was easy to plan out as it is just straight lines so I didn’t need to draw onto the fabric, I just completed the outline of the letter first using half cross stitches. If you want to do a more complicated shape then either draw the pattern out on squared paper or lightly draw on the fabric using a pencil of fabric marker.


I continued to fill the letter K in using half cross stitches to establish the letter shape.

IMG_5662      IMG_5713

Once I was happy with the shape I continued  filling in the letter with cross stitches.

IMG_5717     IMG_5719

I then made the kite shape out of full and half cross stitches.

IMG_5720     IMG_5723

I added the ribbon of the kite and outlined the kite with a single thread of black thread using a running stitch. This can be seen better on the photo below.



Once the cross stitch was finished I trimmed away the spare fabric on the back from the frame and tied a ribbon to the top.


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