It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Yes I admit it ! I LOVE Christmas…. I have not had chance to update my blog as I have been busy making lots of Christmas presents. I did consider showing you all what I was doing, but I decided it would ruin the surprise for those receiving their handmade gifts!

I have finally finished all my gifts, so I can now start on my new crocheted christmas decorations, I have a jingle bell banner and wreath to finish, all inspired by the wonderful Attic24 . I will show you these when I’m finished.

I have put my three trees up, yes you read that right! THREE TREES! I love looking at all the decorations as I put them on the tree. Since my daughter was born we have bought a special ornament each year and written the date on the bottom. It is a lovely way to remember each year that has passed. This year the bauble is a family of penguins. This reminds me of a wonderful weekend away with my friends! Trips to America, Lapland, London, finishing my degree and fun times with friends and family are all marked with a bauble!

christmas 4

There are also the ornaments that I have  handmade, Rudolph, Christmas Puddings, holly wreaths, stockings and snowflakes.

christmas 6

Every room downstairs gets the Christmas treatment, even the toilet has a couple of gingerbread men decorations adorning the walls, and my little row of Cornish houses get their own twinkly lights!

christmas hall

As usual I have made my own table decorations with offcuts of christmas trees , rosemary, bay and holly from my garden and festive red roses and carnations. I’m no florist, but it is fairly easy to do. After soaking the floristry oasis and putting it into the red bowls I keep for this special occasion, I place my red candles in the middle of each pot and then cover the oasis with greenery. Once that has been done I add the flowers, pinecones and other bits I have accumulated over the years. My mum was a trained florist and she too loved Christmas. Sadly she passed away two years ago, but I always hear her voice when I am putting my flowers in the arrangement. I like symmetry, and always put the flowers in even numbers. A big NO NO for my florist mum!! I could hear her voice saying “Odd number of flowers”


christmas 2

christmas 3

I love to make and bake at Christmas and I hope that my ideas inspire you to make your own home magical and festive this year. With lots of sparkly love xxxx


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