A new addiction socks!

I came across the wonderful blog of Winwick Mum and I was hooked! I’ve never knit socks before so I thought it would be a new challenge and it’s certainly addictive.

This is the pattern I am following http://winwickmum.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/basic-sock-pattern-and-tutorial.html It’s a really easy pattern to follow and if you get stuck there are great photo tutorials to look at.

However, I decided I need to make some sparkly knitting marker to help me on my way! 

Out came my collection of beads and tiger tail beading wires to create my stitch markers.

I measured approximately 2″ of wire for each marker folded over the wire to form a loop making sure it fit over my knitting needle then added the crimp beads and my choice of beads. Once the crimp beads were squashed and the wire trimmed I was ready to use them. Easy to do and quick to make!


One thought on “A new addiction socks!

  1. Thanks for the mention, I’m so glad you’re finding the tutorials helpful. Your sock is looking great, and I do like your pretty stitch markers – they’ll definitely help your sock to grow faster as you whizz round! xx


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