It’s been a while ….

It’s certainly been a while since I updated this blog. Things have been pretty busy here with GCSE exams, holidays, decorating, Christmas and me deciding to embark on a Masters degree. Despite this I have still continued to “make and bake” as it helps to keep me sane! I saw this interesting article in the Telegraph explaining how arts and crafts help to maintain a healthy mind and I can certainly relate to that.

I was busy before Christmas making presents, and cooking for the family although I haven’t taken many photos of the baking I did manage to remember to take photos of some of the things I made. Most of the baking I did was from Nigella’s Christmas recipe book, which is one of my favourites to use. I made the Rocky Road (nut free version), Christmas cake, chocolate log and white chocolate and cranberry biscuits. My other favourite recipes were buttery mince pies, cheese straws and shortbread from the BBC good food online recipes.

Socks, scarves and handmade soap were a few of the gifts I made for friends and family.


Now Christmas is over I’m down to making again mainly things for me! I’ve a few projects on the go to keep me out of mischief. I’ve started a jumper and it’s the first time I’ve made one on circular needles (a christmas present!)  I found the free pattern on but I’m using different wool so watch this space to see how it goes. The wool was in the sale from The Wool Loft £1 a ball, BARGAIN!!!

Socks are also on my knitting needles, mini circulars this time, they have become a bit of an addiction for me. They are quick and easy to knit and fairly portable so I often carry them in my handbag so I can knit when I’m sat waiting at the school gates! I’m using the Winwick mum’s pattern from the Sock blog it’s really simple to follow.


And finally I’m starting the attic24 moorland blanket CAL as if I haven’t enough to be on with but the colours on her blog lured me in. So off I tootled to Lincoln Woolpack to buy the wool and I’m good to go!!!


Happy Making and Baking in 2017 xxxx


One thought on “It’s been a while ….

  1. It seems like the Sock Bug has definitely got you, and knitting at the school gates is an excellent way to pass the time – I’ve even got a dedicated “car project” pair of socks now that I leave in my car for times such as those! xx


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