Spring sunshine and pompoms

What a beautiful few days of weather we have had. I love Spring time and all the vibrant colours that are around.

I finally found some time to play with a few of my birthday presents, a swift and wool winder. I have joined the monthly sock club at Dye Candy and this months skein was an array of colours to resemble Spring, PERFECT!!! Just look at the amazing colours in the wool!

After a walk around a local farmer’s market this morning, where I just had to purchase a vibrant pot of red anemones, I decided to sit in the garden and create some pompom flowers.


So out came my pompom makers ( I bought mine from Amazon) and a few ball of wool from my stash. I chose colours that would compliment my kitchen decor. I found a bunch of twigs from the trees that we had pruned last week to use as the stems and jazzed up a jam jar using ribbon and string.


The pompom maker is really easy to use you just wind the wool around the plastic semi circles on both sides then cut down the middle and secure with a length of wool. If you don’t have a pompom maker you can use circles of cardboard instead. There are lots of links on you tube showing you how to make them.


Once the pompoms were made I put a small amount of glue onto the end of the twigs and pushed them into the centre of the pompoms. Easy! A fluffy vase of pompom flowers.



Happy Making xxx


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